Less and less laptops are being sold: here’s why

It is clear that after the pandemic and with today’s economic uncertainty, people have decided to keep their budget. This is now mainly noticed by the makers of laptops, because laptops are sold considerably less. Last quarter, the number of laptops sold was one fifth lower than the same quarter in 2021. Falling laptop sales Market researcher Canalys says this is due to high inflation. As a result, consumers not only have less to spend: they are also less likely to spend it on something like this. It is more likely that people will think about repairing an old laptop […]

‚ÄčThe Advantages and Disadvantages of an Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon’s new smart speakers have been announced and are also coming to the Netherlands. Amazon Echo Dot is a spherical speaker that lets you talk to Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa. Advantage: you can talk to the internet We already mentioned the biggest advantage of a smart speaker: you can talk to a smart assistant. According to Amazon, Alexa has more than 50,000 skills. You probably won’t try them all, but she can tell you the latest news, help you find a recipe or play a song to your liking. In addition, it is automatically a kind of smart home hub, […]