Marriages, Vow Renewals, Commitment Ceremonies

Wondering about a Destination Event?

A Superior Small Lodging® may be the perfect location that beautiful, intimate destination wedding ceremony, commitment or vow renewal!  Here are some key points to consider when planning.

Destination Weddings Considerations

Simple, Elegant Decor Is Perfect for a Destination Wedding

Elegance & Simplicity

 In some locations, with a small group, you don’t even need a permit to have an event on the beach. In others, permits are easily secured.

–  All small hotels and resorts will require booking accommodations when a wedding is held onsite, ensuring privacy and convenience for the wedding party.  Larger hotels are less restrictive in this respect, and, of course, have other requirements.

Beautiful, Memorable Setting

Beachfront Wedding at Cay Point Villa, Photo courtesy of

– Flexibility is greatest with a smaller hotel — and generally you don’t have the very long lead time that many wedding venues have.

– Cost is generally considerably higher at a hotel that requires you to use their catering services, so if cost is a consideration you may want to use a wedding planner (or plan yourself) with a carefully selected caterer.

– Beach front properties, like the CAY POINTE VILLA  and PLAZA BEACH HOTEL BEACHFRONT RESORT are always delightful choices.

Memorable Weddings at Our Destination

Beautiful Location for a Memorable Wedding! Photo Courtesy of Guest of Plaza Beach Resort Beachfront Hotel











 Budgets can be managed if you do want a hotel to manage food, etc for you and a hotel like THE BIRCHWOOD in downtown, St. Petersburg would be a perfect choice.  The Birchwood offers the complete suite of wedding services — and have an absolutely beautiful ballroom!  It’s a great choice if you want the sophistication of services and wedding amenities!

Beautiful, Spacious Ballroom at the Birchwood, St. Petersburg, FL

Or… Let The Birchwood’s Beautiful 8000 Sq Ft Ballroom Set the Stage for You!

Written by June Mohns, Island Paradise Cottages of Madeira Beach. ©2015