Five Tips for Vacationing with Your Dog

In addition to owning and operating a ‘hotel’, we travel with our dogs…  So we thought we would share the 5 most important things we’ve learned about traveling with the family dogs!

Plan to be around most of the first day in your vacation spot.

CoupleWithBlackDog Dogs acclimate very quickly to new locations, but leaving your dog alone for several hours the first day in a new place can be a mistake.  Dogs that never bark, cry or howl at home sometimes feel “left behind”.  And, they let everyone know how unhappy they are!  Obviously, this isn’t good for them, for you, or for your hosts. So, easy does it!  Stay around most of the first day to let them get used to the new “home”.  Then, you can stay away a bit longer and be worry free!  Everyone will be glad you did.

Bring along familiar toys, beds and crates.

Dogs benefit from familiar items and adapt more quickly, knowing that some of “home” is with them.  This is especially true for crates, which make lots of dogs feel safe.  (Heck, I bring my pillow on road trips, cause I sleep better with my stuff, too!)   And, if you are traveling by air, we and many local Superior Small Lodging™   hotels and resorts with advance notice are happy to help arrange for a crate for your dog for your stay (at a nominal charge).

Bring your dog’s records.

If your vet doesn’t have records available online – and most don’t – you will be prepared should you have a concern.  Nothing is worse than being unable to get your pet’s records faxed to you, when your dog seems to need an exam! Plus, should you decide to use doggie day care or board your dog in a kennel, immunization records will be required – and you will be all set.

Bring along a portable (collapsible) drinking dish.

This is especially important if you are staying here in Florida or traveling during the summer. Dogs need to stay hydrated too and you can share your bottle of water!

Give Yourself a Vacation!

SpottedDaneInPark Ask your host hotel or resort about dog walkers or doggie daycare,.  This way, should you decide to do a daytrip and want to linger a bit longer, you can.  After all you and your dog are on vacation! Have fun and be sure to understand any “house rules” pertaining to dogs when traveling with your furry buddies!  And, do consider a Superior Small Lodging™ in our area! Hope these tips are helpful – and hope that you have the best getaway ever!

By June Mohns, Island Paradise Cottages of Madeira Beach. ©2015  (Island Paradise Cottage of Madeira Beach offers collapsible doggie dishes as a part of their welcome package for guests traveling with dogs. )