Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs about the Superior Small Lodging™ Designation

1.  How do Superior Small Lodging™ hotels qualify for membership?

Each member must prove annually its adherence to the highest quality and service standards during an onsite inspection and must have 50 or less rooms/units. Members must achieve a passing score to continue as a member. Those who do not meet the standards may not affiliate.

2.  What does the inspection/audit evaluate?

Annually, an extensive on-site audit and inspection of the resort’s facilities, guest materials and website, hotel amenities and housekeeping is conducted by an independent hotel inspection company.  (Guidelines for facilities and inspection criteria may be viewed at: SuperiorSmallLodgingGuidelines)

3.  How do members achieve the White Glove Award?

Hotels who meet the highest standards for housekeeping are awarded a “White Glove” Award following annual housekeeping inspection. This award requires a score of 100% on all areas of housekeeping!

4.  Are members required to be Green or have sustainability practices?

The designation does not require this. Some hotels have achieved the “Florida Green Lodging” award from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and some have also achieved “Green Business Partner” standing with a state and local government program for green business practices.

5.  Is Superior Small Lodging™ a statewide organization?

Yes, there are about 175 small boutique hotels, inns, and resorts affiliated with the designation. Each is audited annually to ensure continued conformance to the highest standards.

6.  How long has Superior Small Lodging™ been established.

The designation was created about 1998, and supported by convention visitor bureaus in several Florida counties, to recognize small hotels that offered the highest qualityaccommodations and to establish investment in small hotels, motels and resorts.

7.  How large is the average Superior Small Lodging™?

The average Superior Small Lodging™ has 12 rooms or units (villas, cottages, suites.)

8.  How many Superior Small Lodging™ accommodation options are in the St. Petersburg Clearwater area?

For 2014, there are nearly 40.

9.  Is there a central number I can call for information?

No. Please leave a message on the website and someone will follow up with you.

10. Is there a website for all Superior Small Lodging™ hotels in Florida?

Yes, it is

11. Are Superior Small Lodging™ hotels, resorts and inns rated on TripAdvisor®?

Yes, members of the Superior Small Lodging™ collection are rated on TripAdvisor® individually. They are usually ranked among the highest in their communities or cities. (There are no individual guest ratings under the name Superior Small Lodging™.)